Haney Vs. Loma – Boxing Experts Pick Their Winner

Devin Haney faces Vasiliy Lomachenko on May 20th, 2023, with the winner becoming undisputed.

Haney is currently undefeated and is considered the massive favorite, given his height and reach advantage. While that may be the case, Lomachenko cannot be ruled out, given his huge pedigree.

He is a three-division champion looking to become undisputed at a time when victory would pose a massive boost for his country, given Ukraine’s conflict with Russia.

Both fighters were ready, as shown through their comments at the final press conference.

Haney: “On paper, this is my toughest test. But I look to make it an easy night. I look to make it as easy as possible and come out victorious.

“I know what he is preparing for. But at the end of the day, we’re prepared for whatever he brings to the table. If he wants to make it a dirty fight, we have answers for that.”

Lomachenko: “He is a high-level boxer. He understands boxing. He knows what he needs to do. He can use his reach. He can use his feet. He can create distance. But I have a lot of experience in this sport. It will be very interesting for me.”

With that being said, the boxing community was on hand to give their predictions on the fight. 


“Everybody knows that Haney is a very young guy and looks strong, and he’s going to be better and better. It doesn’t depend on him being young. It depends on the experience that he has. He doesn’t have more experience than Lomachenko. 

“If we’re talking about boxing, real boxing, then Haney. But in my heart, Loma. But if Loma is inside, he can win the fight maybe by TKO or maybe by point. That’s the thing. It depends on the strategy,” Jorge Linares said 

“I think that Devin is going to win. He’s craftier than Lomachenko. I don’t base it on his fight with Teofimo. He did absolutely nothing, and that was one of the biggest fights of his career, and he did absolutely nothing.

“So, he can’t get into a fight with Devin Haney and not do nothing at all. It seemed like to me at the press conference; he was more worried about his country than the fight itself. It’s almost like the fight didn’t mean anything to him,” Jeff Mayweather stated

“I pick Lomachenko, I haven’t seen enough of Haney yet against that elite level competition…It leads me to question Haney. It makes you start to wonder if Haney believes in himself as much as he says he does. So that’s why I end up picking Lomachenko on points,” Paulie Malignaggi revealed

Teddy Atlas, meanwhile, suggested that Haney will be looking to use his physical attributes to his advantage following reports that he could weigh as high as 156 lbs after rehydration.

While Atlas has backed Haney to come out victorious, he has not ruled out Lomachenko pulling off an upset as he is the more experienced fighter.

However, in order for him to do so, the Ukrainian will have to remain hard to hit and close the gap.

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