Haney Wants Garcia; Calvin Ford Tells Haney To Forget About Tank Davis

Devin Haney is fully behind the idea of fighting Ryan Garcia.

The current WBC junior welterweight champion’s comments came after his one-sided victory over Regis Prograis. Haney’s win was all the more impressive since it was his first fight at the weight class. He also looked stronger and much more powerful than his time at 135. He dropped Prograis with a straight right hand in round three. Another right hand sent Prograis backwards in round six. The win secured Haney his second world title as Garcia called him out.

Haney was receptive to those comments. Their amateur record stands at 3-3, setting the narrative for a decisive fight. Haney has spoken about making the biggest fights with the most money. Garcia’s last fight against Gervonta Davis showed his commercial power. It sold over 1.2 million PPVs, earning Garcia $30 million. That was partly due to his significant social media presence, with an Instagram following of over 10 million. Now, Haney is open to making it happen.

“I think that’s a possibility. That’s a mega-fight. You know, I been calling out Ryan for years now, so it’s good to hear that, you know, he finally wanna fight. It sucks that it came after, you know, he took a ‘L,’ but it was only a matter of time. But now he finally wanna, you know, call me out. But at the end of the day, it’s still a big fight and like I said, I’m willing to make the … I wanna make the best fights, biggest fights happen,” Haney stated 

Haney Vs. Davis

Meanwhile, Gervonta Davis’ trainer, Calvin Ford, has told Devin Haney and his team to focus on themselves following their call out of Tank Davis. Following Haney’s win over Prograis, Bill Haney continued to mention Davis’ name in an attempt to make the fight. Devin also accused Davis of not wanting to fight after refusing to reach out and get the ball rolling. Ford has responded to team Haney by urging them to focus on themselves.

“Listen, if I can get $100 every time he mentions my name or Tank’s name, I’ll be a billionaire. Right now, your son [Devin] is at the top of his game. Mention your son’s name. If that’s going to give you the egos to make you think you can win the fight or talk your way into the fight. That fight is going to happen one day. Just keep doing what you’re doing,” Ford stated  

The chances of the fight happening are diminishing if Haney continues to move up. He has spoken about moving up to 147. If Davis refuses to go past 135, then the weight difference will be too much. For Davis to become the best of his era, he must take on the best.

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