Haney Wants The Rematch With Garcia

Devin Haney has now turned his attention towards rematching Ryan Garcia.

Haney lost a majority decision, which was turned into a no-contest once Garcia failed VADA tests for Ostarine. Garcia has been suspended for a year, meaning he can fight from April 2025 onwards. Haney remains undefeated, but his brand has been damaged.

Matchroom did not make a purse bid for his WBC Junior Welterweight mandatory fight against Sandor Martin. Top Rank was the sole bidder with a $2.42 purse bid. Haney vacated and became a ‘Champion in Recess.’ Although he has taken legal action against Garcia, with a view to taking the rest of the year off, he plans to rematch Ryan as soon as possible. This may require him to take one more fight before doing it.

“Right now, my focus is on handling business at hand, and then I’ll return to the ring when the time is right…He will pay for what he did in and out of the ring. This whole situation has cost me money. I would love for my next fight to be against Ryan Garcia. If everything is right. That’s not feasible. I may return sooner, but the desire to face Garcia remains strong. That is the fight the world wants to see. Of course, I want to get mine back in blood, I am just that kind of fighter,” Haney said

Haney did not stop there. He felt Garcia should have a bigger ban due to the financial costs he has incurred. Haney is suing Garcia for potential loss of earnings due to his commercial brand being damaged by the result of the fight. Meanwhile, Garcia’s $1.1 million fine to Golden Boy Promotions and a $10,000 state fine are small compared to his alleged $12 million bet win after betting $2 million on himself. Haney wanted further action.

“I don’t think cheating should be in the sport of boxing. If I felt that, shit, I’d be cheating myself. If you get caught cheating, I think you should be banned. For life. Because we literally we go in and put our life on the line each time we step in that ring and we see guys get killed in the ring. He must have felt something, because of all his fights, he never tested dirty, right? But against me, he did. It’s no coincidence. He must obviously have felt the threat from me and all of a sudden he’s acting like we’ve never seen him acting before. He was covering his a** just in case he lost and he was going to play the crazy role,” Haney added


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