Hannah Rankin Is Not A Big Party Animal, But…

Two-time world champion Hannah Rankin revealed that she is not into throwing huge parties after winning a big fight, but beating Sweden’s Maria Lindberg meant a sleepless night for the Scottish star.

“You know me, I’m not exactly a big party animal, but… Yeah, after the fight, I didn’t sleep that night, I just couldn’t,” the 31-year-old said while speaking to Boxing Social.

“I had about an hour and then after that, I woke up and I was just lying there like, ‘My God, I did it.’ Looking at my belt, just like a crazy person.”

Rankin (11-5, 2 KOs) won the fight via unanimous decision on November 6 at the Banqueting Hall of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London.

Rankin was 27 when she turned pro back in 2017, which is a bit late as compared to other boxers who go from amateur to pro.

She got into boxing to keep herself fit, but things have turned out to be better than she had expected.

“I feel a little bit overwhelmed by the whole thing really, because when I started to box, which really was when I turned pro like six years ago, before that it was just for fitness and training, and then I did some white-collar fights just for fun,” she said.

“And then we decided to go pro. Six years later, all this crazy hard work that I and Noel [Callan, Hannah’s only trainer] have been putting in, and putting all our savings, getting to this point, the crazy sparring trips, getting all of that experience.”

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