Hardy: Do this One Thing, I’ll Quit The UFC

While Greg Hardy hoped for a tougher opponent for his return to the Octagon on October 18th, the former NFL player os just happy for the opportunity.

Hardy, who was set to face off against Jarjis Danho at UFC Singapore, but when Danho suffered an injury, the American Top Team fighter was moved to this weekend’s card against the debuting Ben Sosoli

“Be humble,” Hardy told MMA Junkie in regards to where he stands in the UFC’s heavyweight division. “Sometimes, you don’t get what you want. To throw a tantrum would be out of character. I just decided to listen to my coaches who got me here. (I) just heard the words of my agents and take the ring time.”

“Here we go again,” Hardy said. of those who have openly criticized his level of competition since his first fight in the UFC this past January. “So he’s going to be a can as soon as I’m done. Man, they’re going to be mad at me again. You’ve got to go through this process, but why?

“Let’s just think about it. Before I pick up the phone and get crazy, let’s think about why. This is what got you here. This is the process: always readjusting, reassessing.”

Outside of his less than stellar opposition since joining the Endeavor owned organization, Hardy has been under the microscope due to his legal issues surrounding a domestic assault of an ex-girlfriend when he played for the NFL’s Carolina Panthers, where Hardy was alleged to have thrown the woman onto a bed covered in guns.

“If we’re going to implement a rule that anybody who’s had trouble with the law can’t fight, I’m down. I’ll quit,” Hardy said. “If we’re going to implement a rule that anybody that’s been in trouble can’t fight, I’ll quit. It’s not the reality of things.

“We’re human – 100 percent of us are flawed. I’ll approach this like any situation in life. I’ve got to keep moving forward for the peers and people who are supporting me. There are too many people in this world who want to see me win, but I might get knocked out. You’ve got to buy a ticket to find out either way.”

“In football, I had it – but in a different way,” Hardy said of his “finding peace through violence” mantra. “It wasn’t peace in violence. It was I was home and destruction. I was a darker soul. I was the Kraken. I was the devil’s pet. It consumed me in a different way, coming to MMA and having to temper myself.

“… I had to adjust my perspective to survive. I had to adjust my perspective to continue to gain. I found peace in the violence. I found something I never found in football: the ability to weather the storm and continue on my own path. I’m righteous because I support my team and family. It’s about what I’m in and my journey and accepting people and their opinions about my journey.”

Report: MMA Junkie

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