Hardy: I Will Be The Greatest Heavyweight Of All Time

Greg Hardy is set for his return to the Octagon, his third fight of 2019 on July 20th, as he squares off with Juan Adams at UFC San Antonio.

Some have not embraced Hardy as warmly as he would like due to his being ran out of the NFL due to a domestic violence conviction (which was overturned) and a cocaine possession charge (where he claimed that the drug some how “flew” into his wallet).

This did not deter the American Top Team prospect, who told ESPN’s Ariel Helwani that he’s given up his hopes of returning to pro football, focusing  only on his MMA career.

“I’m honestly looking into how to officially retire on that side. I’ve always wanted and always said that if I had the opportunity to go back and get that yellow jacket, that’s a goal that I have for myself but the way things have been going in this field, the way things are looking on the boxing side, the way everything is just coming together, it’s over for me on that side,” Hardy said.

“I feel like it would be disrespectful at this point after getting such a warm welcome – well, as warm as it can get – such a great welcome to the fight world, I feel like it would disrespectful to go back and even teeter-totter. I’m fully committed and it’s all eyes on the belt.”

Mixed martial arts is not the only combat sport the former Dallas Cowboy is looking into, as he’s apparently fallen in love with the sport of boxing.

“I’m looking into it, doing some work in there,” Hardy said of the sweet science. “I’ve got some of the greatest coaches in the world at American Top Team. Just getting the opportunity to move back and forth between different arts, I found a nice spot in boxing. I’m starting to develop a love for it, a like for it, and a yearning to actually get in there and try it out. I think, with the blessing of the big man upstairs [Dana White], that it’s something I would love to look into and start fighting pretty soon and wet my feet.

“I think I could be one of – if not the – the greatest fight sports heavyweight of all-time. Not even just MMA, just the greatest combat sports heavyweight. I’m versatile, you know?”

“I have no malice in my heart for anybody,” Jones said of his UFC San Antonio opponent, Juan Adams.

“I just don’t have a lot of hate for people. I do have a love for disconnecting people from their consciousness [though] and that’s what’s gonna happen to anybody that steps in the ring with me. Whether it’s the champ currently or it’s a man with one or two fights or somebody that’s talking trash or somebody that’s saying nothing, everybody’s on the hit list. You signed that contract so you approved it. Take your punishment.”

Quotes via MMA Fighting

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