Hardy Tests Positive After Serrano Fight

Heather Hardy and Amanda Serrano made history last month when the two featherweight fighters committed to being the first female title fight to undergo strict drug testing.

Per a report from Boxing Scene, Hardy tested positive for a banned substance known as Lasix, in the course of the random drug testing for her September 13th loss to Serrano inside the Hulu Theater in their native New York City.

The fight was the first female boxing event to have random drug testing through VADA, which Hardy championed along with being a part of the WBC’s Clean Boxing Program.

“My VADA test results just came back, negative for Performance Enhancing Drugs, but detected a prescription drug used to treat kidney and heart problems,” Hardy announced on her Twitter account. “I told the testing & [medical] professionals what I took heading into the fight, a prescription [medication] for period symptoms.

“They acknowledge this, and my now team is getting to the bottom of the findings.”

Serrano spoke up as well on Thursday, coming after Hardy for testing positive, which Hardy immediately responded to claiming the fellow Brooklyn born boxer was aware of Hardy’s prescription.

Lasix is a known diuretic, which is on both the VADA and WADA list of banned substances, with VADA stricter than WADA who allow certain substances “out of competition,” but not diuretics like Lasix or masking agents.“I see Heather’s excuse for testing (positive),” Jordan Maldonado, Serrano’s longtime trainer and manager told BoxingScene.com, as they also plan to further look into the matter from a safety perspective, given Hardy’s claim of making testers aware of the product she took in advance of the fight.

“All I know is, if this was Amanda, she would be vilified by the media and every single win she ever had called into question.”

Initial Report: Boxing Scene

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