Hardy’s Inhaler Not Approved Prior To UFC Boston

For the second time in his 10 month run in the UFC, Greg Hardy created controversy by not knowingly, or actively breaking one of the unified rules.

In between the second and third round, over what was initially a decision win against Ben Sosoli, Hardy illegally used an inhaler.

The move caused immediate controversy because of his use of the inhaler, but it became more problematic when it was approved to be used by a member of the Massachusettes State Athletic Commission, which cannot be done mid-fight, as the only thing the fighter is allowed to intake in their corner is water.

Following the fight, the MSAC changed the decision from a decision win for Hardy, but a no-contest, which comes after two-straight wins for the ex-NFL’er.

“The inhaler was not pre-approved by the commission for use during the fight in accordance with the Commission’s regulations,” Massachusetts State Athletic Commission (MSAC) spokesperson Carolyn Assa told MMA Fighting. “Therefore, the commission overturned the win and declared the bout no contest.”

“(I’m) super sad,” Hardy said during UFC Boston’s post-fight press conference.

“It’s a ventolin albuterol inhaler for exercise-induced asthma. I used it my whole life. I sign the commission paperwork when I weighed in. It’s on the USADA paperwork when I take every single drug test so that y’all know that I’m not taking steroids. I’m just naturally a monster.”

UFC President Dana White was among the many who were confused by Friday’s events, especially when it came to Hardy’s coach Din Thomas, who White believes should have known better.

One of the framers of the Unified Rules of MMA, John McCarthy, does not lay blame as the feet of Hardy, but at the commission.

“Did Greg Hardy try to cheat? No,” McCarthy said to MMA Fighting.

“He’s asking in front of everyone, ‘Can I use this?’ So everything that you’re looking at, no matter what, goes down to one person. It was that inspector who allowed him to do that. That inspector did not know the rules, and that inspector created the entire situation. All he needed to say is, ‘I don’t know. Don’t do that. Let me find out.’”

Report: MMA Fighting

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