Harrison Highest Paid Female Fighter In MMA

For Kayla Harrison, her fight against Larissa Pacheco on New Year’s Eve is for more than just $1 million, it’s about proving that she is worth the investment put in her by the PFL.

“I would work as a landscaper and walk dogs and work at a hardware store for 50 hours a week and go to high school and train full time. Just struggle, struggle, struggle,” Harrison told MMA Fighting of when she landed in Boston to chase her Olympic dream. “I can’t believe that this is my life. I can’t believe I get paid so much money to do what I love.”

“It’s humbling,” Harrison said of her new and reportedly lucrative deal with the venture-backed organization. “I believe that this is still a male-dominated sport but the fact that women can make more or the same as male fighters it’s awesome. It’s really good for MMA. It’s really good for the female empowerment movement.

“I couldn’t be happier with where I’m at, the company I’m with and what I’m doing. I’m excited.”

“They take such good care of me. I’m probably the highest-paid female fighter in MMA right now,” Harrison said of the fledgling organization that has their second-season finale tomorrow night inside the Hulu Theater. “I just can’t believe it’s my life sometimes. It’s a no brainer for me. I get to fight for a company that I believe in. My destiny is in my hands. I’m getting paid a ridiculous amount of money and I still get to grow as a fighter.

“It’s really good for the sport. It’s good to have competition. It’s healthy to have growth. My life could not have worked out better.”

“I’m really excited about that part of it,” Harrison said about her rematch with Pacheco, who she faced earlier this season in her first decision victory. “I’ll just say it was at a really hard time in my life personally. I was dealing with a lot of stuff. I went into the fight and I definitely showed up and I was not my best Kayla that night. I was really upset with how I performed, even though I won pretty dominantly. I just felt like I could have done better.

“So the chance to rewrite that story and go out and win in a dominant fashion is exciting for me.”

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