Harumafuji, Hakuho Tied on Top at 7-0

With one week of the 2017 Summer Grand Sumo Tournament now in the books, two Mongolian yokozuna are tied at the top of the standings with unbeaten records.

Harumafuji and Hakuho both picked up wins on Saturday, bringing both of their records to 7-0 as they stand atop of the tournament rankings.

Harumafuji charged his way through komusubi Yoshikaze (4-3) to pick up his win, while Hakuho picked up a quick win over No. 3 maegashira Daieisho (0-7) in a little over three seconds. Hakuho is looking to win a record 38th career championship.

Right behind the two in the standings is sekiwake Takayasu (6-1), followed by 13 others, including fellow yokozuna Kisenosato, all at 5-2.

Near the straw bales and on the brink of defeat, Kisenosato managed to pull off a come-from-behind victory over komusubi Mitakeumi (3-4).

Takayasu won his bout with second-ranked maegashira Chiyoshoma (1-6), bringing Takayasu four wins away from promotion to ozeki, the second-highest ranking in sumo.

Ozeki Goeido (5-2) won his fifth win of the tournament, scoring a win over sekiwake Kotoshogiku (1-6). Meanwhile, Mongolian ozeki Terunofuji (5-2) forced out second-ranked maegashira Okinoumi (1-6) for a win.

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