Harumafuji’s Bar Fight Charges Dropped

Over a year after the incident that saw the end of Harumafuji’s career as a sumo, the man he assaulted at a bar has dropped the lawsuit against the yokozuna.

Takanoiwa dropped a civil lawsuit on Tuesday following abuse to members of his family in their native Mongolia.

Takanoiwa sought ¥24 million ($213,000) in damages in a civil suit filed in October, which includes medical expenses and lost salary, as well as benefits and bonuses he may have earned had he not been injured by the yokozuna.

In October of 2017, Harumafuji would assault Takanoiwa with a karaoke machine remote at a bar in Tottori, forcing not only criminal proceedings, but the resignation of the yokozuna in November. Harumafuji would also pay a fine of ¥500,000 imposed by the Tottori Summary Court.

In a statement, Takanoiwa said decided to cover his own medical expenses and will not seek damages after his family at home asked him to give up the suit, saying they cannot stand the abuse from their fellow Mongolians who hold Harumafuji in high regard.

Harumafuji is involved in charity activities in Mongolia and has set up a Japanese-style school for elementary to secondary students.

Harumafuji’s lawyer said the former yokozuna’s “intent to deal sincerely with the compensation remains unchanged.”


Initial Report: The Japan Times

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