Hasim Rahman Jr. Opens Up On Sparring Session With Jake Paul

Regardless of it being on YouTube or the boxing ring, it seems like Jake Paul (5-0, 4 KOs) has been in the headlines all the time. With the recent comments of Hasim Rahman Jr. (12-1, 6 KOs), it seems like the media would be talking more about the YouTube-turned-boxer.

Rahman Jr. has stated that he was told to go easy on the 25-year-old during their sparring session in 2020. He was reportedly threatened, with payment upholding, if he managed to beat Paul in the spar. They are expected to meet in a sanctioned fight next week.

“I was just trying to humble him a little bit and tell him, I’m in here handicapped a bit. I knew he was going to chop it up the way he did. That’s what you see where I was upset in the video, like, ‘No, you’re being disrespectful now.’ It had nothing to do with the actual boxing, the sparring session. It was just his disrespect for the sport and for what we were doing. I came to give you a look,” Rahman Jr. told The MMA Hour.

“I didn’t come to beat you up, or to see if you were even on my level, or if you were ready for this level. I was actually asked by your coaches not to knock you out, I was told that if I knock him out, I most likely wasn’t going to get paid, it was during the pandemic. It was $100 a round; it was easy work sparring for me. It was something I didn’t want to throw away.”

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