Haye Wonders If AJ Lacked Motivation Against Ruiz

Former world champion, David Haye, is hoping Anthony Joshua knows the reason for his loss to Andy Ruiz Jr on June 1st inside Madison Square Garden.

Haye, who has transitioned from boxer to manager, feels the only reason Joshua’s team should take the fight immediately, is because they know the reason Joshua was knocked out by the new unified world heavyweight champion.
He told Sky Sports: “The fact that I’m hearing that there’s going to be a direct rematch is actually quite heart-warming, because it gives me the thought that the powers that be, Team AJ, realize they got it wrong, and they know what needs to be done to rectify it,” Haye told Sky Sports.

“If they do go for a rematch, they are a smart team, they know what they’re doing. They’ve got him to this stage. They are not going to put him back in a fight against someone who has got his number.”

“If he says ‘I need two or three fights to work against smaller guys who come forward, to prepare me better for that,’ I would be happy with that as well. Okay, smart move.” Haye continued. “The fact they are talking about an immediate rematch, I hope they are not just doing it for PR sake. I hope they are doing it because they truly know that it was a freak thing that happened and he’ll be better.”

“Maybe AJ enjoyed Miami a little too much,” Haye theorized on why the British star was off his game and on the canvas against Ruiz Jr. “It seemed a bit of a strange thing to go to Miami as he hadn’t done it in the past, prior to that point. I lost my fight when I trained in Miami. The last two times I trained in Miami, I lost. I don’t think it was down to lack of motivation, I was just too old, particularly for the last fight.

“I’m not sure how AJ was training out there. Who was he sparring with out there? Was he paying the price in training? Only he knows and if he wasn’t, that’s a good thing, because all you need to do is pay the price and he should win”

Initial Report: Sky Sports

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