Hearn Criticizes Garcia For His Response To His Failed VADA Tests

Eddie Hearn has hit out at Ryan Garcia’s attitude towards his failed VADA tests. 

The boxer tested positive for Ostarine following two urine samples. This poses doubts over his majority decision win over Devin Haney. Garcia denies taking any substances intentionally. He accused people of setting him up while also threatening to punch Hearn. The promoter was simply backing his fighter, Haney, which is understandable.

But Hearn did state he hoped Garcia could prove his innocence. The B Sample will be tested today. It is likely to come back positive, leaving Garcia to come up with a defense. Conor Benn reacted similarly following his failed VADA tests for Clomiphene.

Benn alleged flaws in the testing system, arguing that it was contamination. He is suspended by UKAD and the British Boxing Board of Control, as he cannot fight in the UK. Unless Garcia cooperates with the authorities, he will face something similar. 

Haney has also taken action, with his attorney wanting the New York State Athletic Commission to disqualify Garcia. This is with the aim of giving Haney the win. Garcia and Hearn did bump into each other at the Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk fight. But Garcia had a friendly attitude, taking Hearn by surprise given everything the fighter had said. 

“He was off again [Sunday] night on Twitter, like just the most stupid, childish behavior. But again, similar to some people, [he gets] face-to-face and it’s like, ‘You can come up, give me a cuddle, let’s have a photo.’ I don’t like [that]. I’m someone that will really do my best to avoid confrontation. Yeah? Peaceful life is always better. But sometimes this guy acts like an idiot, you know? And I like Ryan Garcia.

“I’ve said to him, I actually said to him in Saudi Arabia, ‘You do realize, if you actually listen to every interview that I give, I say I really hope that Ryan is innocent. I actually even give him the benefit of the doubt.’ But I even said to him face to face, ‘You can’t just say it’s a conspiracy theory.’ I said, ‘You’re blaming me for you testing positive twice.’ ‘Well, someone set me up,’ he said. Well, firstly, no, they didn’t. And secondly, it definitely wasn’t me. So just be careful what you say and let’s just try and deal with this situation,” Hearn said

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