Hearn Demands Answers From VADA Following Beterbiev’s ‘Atypical Findings’

Artur Beterbiev’s VADA tests on his blood and urine resulted in ‘atypical findings,’ as Eddie Hearn demanded more clarity from the doping agency. 

Reporter Kevin Iole confirmed the findings came from a sample taken on December 6, 2023. They showed the Russian had atypical findings for human growth hormone and 5D-androstanediol. These substances can occur naturally in the body, but it raises questions about Beterbiev’s knockout ability ahead of his fight with Callum Smith.

The boxer has a 100 percent knockout rate, making him one of boxing’s devastating punchers.  Beterbiev underwent further testing on December 15 and December 21 on his urine. This was followed up by two tests on his blood, which took place on December 21 and January 3. They came back negative. Dr Margaret Goodman, the founder of VADA, clarified that the ‘atypical findings’ were insufficient to result in a negative inference. Hearn has yet to be impressed by the response.  

“There’s no accusation towards Artur Beterbiev. If VADA feel it’s not an adverse finding then on we go. But we want to know more. If you’re saying they can occur naturally and there was a spike in them on those tests, but a week later there was no spike, can that happen? Is that something that happens naturally? It’s a very grey, cloudy area.  
“I just feel there needs to be more transparency of people saying ‘this has happened and these are the reasons for it’. You can imagine when you receive that piece of paper from VADA and you’ve got a guy fighting that opponent and you read that, as someone who probably doesn’t understand the science, of course you’re concerns are monumental. We just want to be put at ease and I don’t feel like we’ve had that,” Hearn said

Due to his approach to Conor Benn’s failed VADA tests, Hearn’s reaction has been criticized on social media. Benn tested positive for Clomiphene as UKAD suspended him. The National Anti-Doping Agency cleared him, but reports stated his defense was on jurisdiction.

It focused on UKAD’s inability to enforce VADA findings rather than whether Clomiphene was in his system. Until Benn has a hearing with UKAD and the British Boxing Board of Control to clear his name in the UK, fans have been left none the wiser. That double standard by Hearn has been called out. 




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