Hearn: Fighters Have Not Stopped Calling Since Jacobs Deal

It seems that all of the boxing world has been blowing up the phone of Matchoom Boxing’s promoter Eddie Hearn since the signing of middleweight fighter, Daniel Jacobs, and the ensuing partnership with HBO. Hearn  is hopeful to sign more fighters for his company’s American division, Matchroom Boxing USA, but is being selective with the fighters he will add to his ever growing company’s United States division.

“Already, since the announcement with Daniel Jacobs…the phone’s been going mad with other fighters. ‘I’m not active enough. No one’s promoting me. Can I work with you?’ It doesn’t really – it’s not that easy. So the move really is to take your time, get into the market, look at other talent as well that we can develop with, and it all starts with Daniel Jacobs.”

Hearn has been reported to be interested in signing Errol Spence Jr. to a promotional contract, but has yet to say anything publicly.

Much like Danny Jacobs, The 27-year-old Spence sits under the learning tree of influential adviser Al Haymon, but in recent years has gone without a promoter.
For now, Hearn is looking forward to Matchroom Boxing USA’s first show on American soil.

“It won’t be built overnight,…We’ve got to understand the audience. I’m not arrogant enough to walk in and say, ‘Watch this. Watch this. On November the 11th, it’s gonna blow the whole place out. We’re gonna do 14,000 [fans].’ It’s not gonna work like that. But what you will see is a difference. You’ll see a new energy, you’ll see better fights, in my opinion, you’ll see a different kind of audience, you’ll see them getting interested through digital programming, through social media platforms as well…. You don’t promote fighters during a seven- or eight-week camp. You promote fighters 365 days a year. … There’s very little promotion going on for some great fighters right now. There’s no plan. There’s no activity. It’s not difficult. I’m not saying I’m a rocket scientist. But you look at Daniel Jacobs – it’s so easy for me to promote Daniel Jacobs. You know, put him in front of a camera, tell his story. It’s very straightforward and that’s what we plan to do with him.”

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