Hearn Lines Up Six Fighters And Three U.S. Events

Eddie Hearn’s entry into the American boxing world is off to the races, as he plans to hold major events in three of the biggest boxing markets in the country.

“So we’re looking at New York or L.A in September, New York or L.A- whichever one we don’t go to – in October and then Vegas in November,” Hearn claimed in an interview this week with Boxing Scene.


“You’re going to see us signing somewhere between three and five big names, and then you’re going to see us sign a lot of other big names — but maybe chief support guys. Then you’re going to see us signing half a dozen youngsters, probably amateurs that are going to be turning over. You’re going to see us sign some real good prospects who might be 8-10-12-15 and 0, and bringing those on. You’re going to see us working with guys who are in last chance saloons, but they don’t care who they fight, and they’ll just go to war with anyone. It’ll be a real mix. You’re going to see us using some of our British stars, some of our young stars from the U.K that we’ll be dropping in.”

When it comes to Adrien Broner, who publicly turned down what he called a “slave deal” offer of $6.75 million for three fights, Hearn is thankful he was put on blast.

“Broner putting that stuff out really spurred on probably another 30 or 40 calls from guys who said ‘Well I’ll take that deal’,” Hearn told ‘Scene.

“I don’t wont to get into a position where we can’t provide these guys with what we say we can, and one of our big selling points is we’re given you activity. So, if you’re a Charlo or a Broner, from what you saw with the offer, you fight three times a year. If you don’t want to you don’t have to, but one of the benefits of being with us is how often you can box. We only want 4-5 guys like that, because they’re going to be boxing three times a year and we’ve got 16 shows.”

Original Story: Boxing Scene

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