Hearn: Paul-KSI Can Fill Wembley

With the rematch between KSI and Logan Paul days away from looking at their second sell out, Eddie Hearn believes that digital media stars can fill a venue as big as Wembley Stadium.

Paul and KSI have a combined 40 million followers/subscribers, which is what DAZN hopes to grab a portion of on November 9th, when the two face off on the OTT platform in their first professional fight.

“We’ve just got to understand, these guys aren’t elite fighters,” Hearn told Sky Sports.

“They are good athletes that have trained meticulously to be fighters, which is an achievement in itself, and by the way, they’ve already done it. They’ve already boxed in front of 20,000 over six rounds, now they’re doing it again.”

“Yeah you could,” Hearn replied when asked if the two YouTubers or any of their peers could fill a stadium. “I reckon we’ll have about 14-15,000 there,” Hearn said of Staples Center. “It was here last time and it sold 20,000, in like two days. It’s bigger in the UK it seems than the US, just because I think boxing is bigger in the UK.”

“I don’t really know where this is going. A lot of it comes down to the actual event, and the fight,” Hearn continued. “If it’s a really good fight and someone gets knocked out, and everyone rants and raves about it, then you’re probably going to do something again.

“If it’s a stinker and everyone moans and says ‘it was a novelty, a one-off,’ then maybe it is, but you can’t ignore the numbers. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

Joe Weller, a Youtuber, and fighter who faced KSI in an amateur fight in February of 2018 feels that the two stars can pack out Wembley.

“I believe Logan Paul-KSI in the UK could sell out Wembley, genuinely, 100 percent,” said Weller, who has joined the Sky Sports team for KSI-Logan Paul 2. “They’ve both got 20 million [followers].

“If they were to do Wembley reasonably priced, you would sell that out in a couple of days. Honestly, I genuinely believe that.”

“They are such brilliant promoters these guys,” he said. “Logan Paul and KSI are up there with Mayweather, McGregor in terms of personalities, who know how to sell.”


Initial Report: Sky Sports

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