Hearn Targets 2024 For Tank Vs. Haney; Bill Haney And Hearn Against Rehydration Clause

Eddie Hearn expects Devin Haney and Gervonta Davis to fight in 2024, but it must happen without a rehydration clause. 

The two boxers have been linked with a fight since team Haney called him out after the Regis Prograis fight. Haney became the new WBC junior welterweight champion, but ‘The Dream’ accused Davis of not wanting to fight. Davis and Haney subsequently traded verbal shots on social media as Tank accused him of cheating by rehydrating to 165 for the Prograis fight. The issue of the rehydration clause will be a sticking point since Davis imposed them on much bigger fighters such as Ryan Garcia and Mario Barrios. Devin and Bill Haney have ruled out a rehydration clause, adding another hurdle.

“Let the rules be the rules and let the best man win. You cannot get on the Mount Rushmore of boxing with those rules. He’s the rehydration champion,” Bill Haney said

Hearn still expects the fight to happen, but he also felt there should be no rehydration clause. 

“I think Devin is going to be very difficult to beat. I think Tank is a great fighter. I don’t see that fight getting made next, but I see it in 2024. Why should there there be a rehydration clause, especially when you’re fighting for a belt. I don’t know. It’s one to discuss, but I don’t see it happening next, but I think we will get it,” Hearn stated 

The social media response was mixed with the fanbase from both sides having an opinion.


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