Hearn: VADA Tests Key To Proving Whyte’s Case

The game seems to be afoot in the case of Dillian Whyte’s failed drug test, as new evidence may prove his innocence.

Whyte became the WBC interim world heavyweight champion and mandatory challenger to Deontay Wilder on July 21st when he defeated Oscar Rivas inside The O2 Arena.

Days after the win, Whyte was stripped of both the title and the distinction of being a mandatory challenger after UK Anto-Doping announced he had failed a drug test.

Yet, VADA notified Whyte that he had passed his final pre-fight test dated on July 17th and a post-fight test on July 21st.

“It’s a confidential case between Dillian Whyte and UKAD,” Hearn told Sky Sports of the situation. “There’s a lot going on at the moment and we are in the hands of UKAD to decide how the process unfolds from here.

“Obviously the difference here is the public are very aware of this case now. Normally it’s completely confidential, so there is more pressure to act and we want them to act, and we want them to deal with and clear Dillian Whyte’s name.

“The VADA stuff is great because it shows that he has taken – I don’t know how many tests it was – six or seven tests during camp,” Hearn continued, “passed every single one of them and all those tests around the time as well as the UKAD test that is in question, so that evidence is key and Dillian Whyte needs to clear his name.

“That’s a process that his team are going through at the moment to make sure it happens as soon as possible, because every day that passes is more damaging to Dillian Whyte’s career, so we want to make sure that his name is cleared as soon as possible.”

Per Sky Sports, UKAD has yet to comment on the allegations, but Hearn feels that all of this will go away soon enough.

“One thing we know is he’s already been cleared at an official hearing,” Hearn continued. “So there’s considerable grounds obviously for his innocence, and now we’ve got to get full closure on that and make sure that he continues his career.”

“Just correspondence to say I don’t understand when your testing agency is VADA, which he has passed every test on, and no-one else has banned him, no-one else has suspended him – the British Boxing Board of Control, UKAD, how can you do it without even knowing any facts.

“It’s another process going on at the moment.”

Report: Sky Sports

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