Hearn: “Wilder Is Not A PPV Draw”

Eddie Hearn continues to blast the idea of a rematch between WBC world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, and lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, in-hopes that a unification match happens between Wilder and Anthony Joshua on April 13th.

“I’m not positive the Wilder-Fury rematch happens,” Hearn said. “If I’m Tyson Fury I’m asking for the lion’s share and I know he won’t get the lion’s share in this deal.”

“We agreed to do it different this time around,” Hearn admitted to the media about negotiations for a massive heavyweight unification match that could happen at Wembley Stadium on April 13th “Last time Shelly went to the media instead of coming to me and I opened my big mouth too much. We started talking again and it’s going well but I honestly don’t know what they’re going to do. Who knows in the end we might end up fighting Fury and that’s fine with me as well, but Joshua wants Wilder. He wants to unify the titles. We hope Wilder does too”

When discussing why Alexander Povetkin got the spot that Wilder was campaigning for, Hearn explained that “if you want to do a show at Wembley you get one shot, one date on the calendar… There was only one date available all of next year and that’s April 13. What you cannot do is wait and see what happens or wait till January. Impossible. This is what we’re doing and if you would like to join us you’re more than welcome.

“A typical AJ gate grosses approximately $10 Million U.S. dollars and we can get the same gate at the 02 if we wanted to get aggressive,” Hearn reveals. “But it was never about that for us. It was always about building a brand. It’s the spectacle of the event, it’s setting off fireworks in Wembley, AJ in flames.”

Time is not on Hearn’s side, as December 22nd seems to be the deadline for all parties involved. “We can’t wait much longer and we can’t force Wilder to fight,” Hearn explains. “Wilder can try to fight Fury again but then he’s not thinking about his legacy.

“Wilder is not a PPV star. Wilder needs an opponent to fight on PPV. We made them a great offer last time and they never replied. We are position to make a great fight, a fight for the ages where he will earn more money then he has made before.”

Hearn blames Wilder’s “stubbornness and ego” if a deal for a unification fight is not made, claiming he’d be happy to have Showtime bid to have a Joshua-Wilder fight on Pay Per View.

“Of course I rather the fight be on DAZN but it will come down to who wants to pay more,” Hearn reasons. “We generally know within 5% how many PPV buys we do in the UK and I’ll tell you right now If the Wilder fight sell 350,000-400,000 it just isn’t enough money for a fight of this stature.”


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