Heavyweight Tournament Set For GLORY 62

GLORY is bringing out the heavy hitters for their final show of 2018, as an eight-man heavyweight tournament has been set for December 8th in Rotterdam.

Headlined by former heavyweight contender tournament winner Benjamin Adegbuyi and Jamal Ben Saddik as the top two seed, the winner will go on to win $100,000 for making it through the eight-man, three-round affair.

The final six seeds will be randomly selected at a press conference yet to be announced with Jahfarr Wilnis or Guto Inocente set for the 3rd of 4th seed.

Seeds 5-8 will be randomly selected from a pool featuring Junior Tafa, Tomas Mozny, and two fighters to be announced.

In addition to the $100,000 top prize for the tournament winner, the tournament runner-up will receive $30,000 and $10,000 will be awarded to each semifinal participant.

In the co-main event Luis Tavares will return to GLORY at GLORY 62 in a light heavyweight battle against an opponent to be named.

The current fight card for GLORY 62 Rotterdam can be found below:

GLORY 62 Rotterdam
Heavyweight Tournament Final Bout: Bout E Winner vs. Bout F Winner
Light Heavyweight Co-Headline Bout: Luis Tavares vs. TBA
Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal Bout F: Bout B Winner vs. Bout D Winner
Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal Bout E: Bout A Winner vs. Bout C Winner
Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal Bout D: Seed No. 4 vs. Seed No. 5
Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal Bout C: Seed No. 3 vs. Seed No. 6
Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal Bout B: Seed No. 2 vs. Seed No. 7
Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal Bout A: Seed No. 1 vs. Seed No. 8

The heavyweight tournament seeding is as follows:

Seed No. 1: Benjamin Adegbuyi
Seed No. 2: Jamal Ben Saddik
Seed No. 3: Drawn from Pool 1
Seed No. 4: Drawn from Pool 1
Seed No 5: Drawn from Pool 2
Seed No 6: Drawn from Pool 2
Seed No 7: Drawn from Pool 2
Seed No 8: Drawn from Pool 2
Pool 1
Jahfarr Wilnis
Guto Inocente

Pool 2
Junior Tafa
Tomas Mozny

Below is the card for the GLORY 62 SuperFight Series taking place prior to GLORY 62

GLORY 62 SuperFight Series
Lightweight Headline Bout: Marat Grigorian vs. Christian Baya
Lightweight Bout: Tyjani Beztati vs. Stoyan Koprivlenski
Welterweight Bout: Mohammed Jaraya vs. Robbie Hageman
Welterweight Bout: Miles Simson vs. Mohamed Mezouari
Middleweight Bout: Donovan Wisse vs. Ertuğrul Bayrak
Heavyweight Tournament Reserve Bout: Roël Mannaart vs. Kirill Kornilov

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