Henry Cejudo Already Looking Past His Fight With Aljamain Sterling

Henry Cejudo has revealed his next steps after his upcoming fight against Aljamain Sterling on May 7th, 2023, at UFC 288 for the UFC bantamweight title.

Cejudo defended his bantamweight title against Dominick Cruz before walking away from the sport.

The retirement was a shock, to say the least since he was a two-weight world champion. However, he has now returned with a vengeance.

Cejudo has already set his sights on the future, as he intends to safeguard his championship title against Sean O’Malley and then defeat Alexander Volkanovski in the 145-pound division.

“Aljizzlain’ Sterling! Stay tuned. Your time is running out. May 6 is right around the corner. Go out and get your thong ready, your nice little dress ready, because I’m taking you out first.

“And then I’m going after ‘Ronald MethDonald,’ that’s right! Sean O’Malley, he’s next! That dirty Q-tip. And then after that, the real goal. Once I get done with you two tuneups, I’m going after ‘Alexander the Average,” Cejudo 

Despite those ambitions, there is a danger that Cejudo could overlook his opponent, as his next fight should be the immediate focus.

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