Henry Cejudo Lashes Out At Conor McGregor, Dares Him To Punch Khabib Nurmagomedov

The former Olympic gold medalist and UFC double champ Henry Cejudo isn’t a fan of Conor McGregor’s tactics outside the octagon these days.

Cejudo dared McGregor to hit Khabib Nurmagomedov and see what happens to him.

Recently, McGregor allegedly punched an Italian DJ and television personality, Francesco Facchinetti, at a party in Italy as he was visiting to have his third son baptized at the Vatican.

Many of his fellow UFC fighters didn’t take this incident lightly and condemned McGregor’s actions.

Cejudo particularly was critical of the Irishman’s behavior.

“If Dana or Conor McGregor is even watching this, you guys stop making us look bad… At the end of the day, we’re just all competitors going out to find an edge to win,” Cejudo told Dave Schmulenson on The Triple C & Schmo Show.

“But when you’re out there hurting people, putting terrorist attacks on our country and sucker punches these damn DJs, you dirtbag! Pick the right person to sucker punch, man. Sucker punch Khabib, we’ll see how that goes for you.”

Both Cejudo and Nurmagomedov have represented Dominance MMA – the company lead by Ali Abdelaziz.

Ever since their blockbuster fight, McGregor has openly expressed his hatred towards Nurmagomedov and his manager, Abdelaziz, often taking this business to the personal side.

Recently, Cejudo himself has been making rounds in the news, expressing his desire to return to the octagon.

Cejudo last fought in the octagon in May 2020 where he knocked out Dominick Cruz in the second round, leaving the show with two titles wrapped around his waist.

Now, he wants to fight reigning featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski.

If Cejudo can topple Volkanovski, he will be the first fighter in the history of the promotion to win titles in three different weight classes. He already won men’s flyweight and bantamweight championships.

“Like I said, some people just love that adrenaline,” Cejudo added.

“I’m not to say Conor McGregor loves the fact that he can push the envelope but Dana’s not gonna do nothing. That’s the cash cow. He knows the golden rule – the guy with the gold makes the rule. But I will say something.”

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