Henry Cejudo Responds To Conor McGregor’s Odd Tweet

Henry Cejudo responded to Conor McGregor’s “little fart” remark.

Cejudo, a former flyweight and bantamweight champion, didn’t let McGregor’s tweet go unnoticed.

“What do you know about farting? You always run out of gas,” Cejudo tweeted.

“I have nothing but respect for you. Hopefully when I see you we can shake hands and you can do a line off my head,” Cejudo wrote later on after McGregor’s tweet was deleted.

While Cejudo hasn’t fought since successfully defending his UFC bantamweight title against Dominick Cruz in May 2020, he still has an intriguing aura.

In addition to becoming one of the UFC’s rare two-weight world champions, the Olympic champion hopes to go one step further and capture a third world championship.

His retirement creates a huge hurdle for him, but it didn’t stop the 34-year-old from calling out Alexander Volkanovski when Max Holloway was forced to withdraw from their trilogy match.

Both fighters are part of history. McGregor is the first-ever double champion in the history of the UFC while Cejudo is one of the few double champions.

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