Here’s Dana White’s Top MMA Fighters Of All Time

It has always been the subject of discussion. Who is the best fighter of all time?

Most fans are naming fighters like Anderson Silva, even though he suffered several losses in a row in his past performances, Jon Jones, Georges St-Pierre, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Conor McGregor and many others.

However, UFC President Dana White named three of his favorite fighters and said that one of the current champions is very near entering this list.

“You’d have to go, Anderson Silva, GSP, Jones. Usman is getting up there too,” Dana White said on The Dave Portnoy Show.

Jones is the youngest champion of the UFC and has defended his title many times against every monster of the light heavyweight division.

He was the No. 1 ranked pound-for-pound fighter for a long time.

St-Pierre is one of the fighters who dominated his division for a while. After retiring, he came back four years later and earned the middleweight title.

Silva’s fights were highlights. He defended his title 10 times against every top contender including jiu-jitsu specialist Demian Maia, Chael Sonnen twice, among others.

There are guys from the modern era, like Nurmagomedov, who has never been defeated. He earned 13 victories in the UFC and retired as the No. 1 ranked pound-for-pound fighter.

McGregor has never defended his titles, but he dethroned Jose Aldo Jr who was undefeated for 10 years and was the No. 1 ranked pound-for-pound fighter by that time. Also, he is the first fighter who held the two division titles simultaneously.

But the favorite of White is Kamaru Usman, who has been dominating for a while.

“He just broke his record tonight,” White told reporters after UFC 258.

“If you look at what he just did, he broke his record tonight for consecutive wins (in the welterweight division), and if this guy keeps rolling, if Usman can keep doing what he’s doing, he’s going to go down as the greatest welterweight ever. Fact.”

“Just look at who he’s fought and who he has to fight here in the future. It’s undeniable that this guy will go down as the best welterweight,” White added.

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