Here’s How Nevada Governor Once Threatened To Pull UFC’s License

UFC President Dana White admitted he almost lost the UFC’s license.

White said he received a heated call from the Governor of Nevada. This followed after White criticized the state athletic commission after UFC 167, where Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks shared the octagon.

“Back then when I was going crazy on the athletic commission, I was home on a Sunday morning after a fight and my phone rang and it was the Governor of Nevada,” White said on The Pat McAfee Show.

“Me and him had one of those [conversations], he’s like you ever f–king talk sh–t about the state of Nevada again, I’ll pull your license, you’ll never promote another fight again in this [state].

“I said thank you sir, may I have another. No, I did not [fight him].”

White said he can’t overrule them because the UFC is regulated by the state.

“At that point, the Nevada State Athletic Commission is the strongest commission in the world, and at that point in time, they were the weakest. It was very frustrating for us, but all you can do is offer assistance and train these guys better,” White added.

“The NFL [doesn’t] always make the greatest calls, the NBA doesn’t make the greatest calls. You’re always going to have bad officiating. It’s always going to happen.”

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