Here’s How Teddy Atlas Sees Errol Spence Jr Vs. Terence Crawford Would Go

Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr are closing in on a deal to exchange haymakers for an undisputed welterweight fight, and legendary trainer Teddy Atlas has outlined some of the drawbacks and positives in both boxers that can help them for the showdown slated for November 19 in Las Vegas.

Atlas feels like Crawford is a complete fighter who ticks every box, but Spence’s physicality and determination to get the job done will be his anchor.

“You got Spence, who is the horse. He’s the naturally bigger welterweight. Spence is strong and a good body puncher. He can pressure but also box. Don’t miss that boat. Don’t miss that on him. That’s how he beat Mikey Garcia so easily,” the trainer said.

“Everything is off his jab. Fundamentals, baby. Again, determined, tough, physical. He tries to impose his physicality on you. He puts water in the basement, goes to the body, and goes up and down.”

Atlas added that Crawford, who is the reigning WBO champion, is “technically solid.”

“He doesn’t keep his hands up as good as Spence. He gets a little looser, but he gets them up when they have to be up. Maybe you can time him sometimes when he’s stepping back,” he said.

“You got to be willing to take the chance to do that, and you’ve got to be on time. I think, not the naturally bigger guy, but he’s carrying his power. Crawford, he can do everything.

The 66-year-old feels that the WBO champ can leverage his ability to switch his hands in the fight.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better switch-hitter. He can go lefty or righty and not miss a beat. Andre Ward was a great switch-hitter too. Crawford is unbelievable in that area. So he’s got those options.”

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