Heyman Claims Lesnar Wants UFC Return

When it comes top hyping an event, there are very few who are as good as Paul Heyman. Heyman who acts as Brock Lesnar’s advocate not only on WWE programming, but also in other ventures.

In a recent interview with Newsweek, the former promoter and writer discussed that Lesnar’s recent photo with Dana White was not a negotiating tactic.

“I don’t think it’s any secret that Brock is looking to get back into the octagon,” said Heyman, who has been working closely with Lesnar since the former NCAA champion’s WWE debut in 2002.

“He is obviously eyeballing another fight in UFC. There’s no secret. He’s posing for pictures with Dana White wearing a UFC shirt in the UFC offices in Las Vegas…. Brock Lesnar wants to compete inside of the octagon. There’s no leveraging that; it’s a fact.”


Heyman, who believes that Lesnar can do both the WWE and UFC simultaneously, does not know if the former UFC heavyweight champion will step inside the octagon this year. One issue would be the training camp and contract negotiations with White and his team, the second is the USADA suspension that Lesnar earned from a failed drug test following his win turned no-contest battle against Mark Hunt at UFC 200.

Heyman claims that right now there is only one question posed for Lesnar.

“The question posed is “are you willing to get into the octagon?” and fight and I would suggest Brock’s answer to that is ‘yes, I am.’ Now, when will it take place, against who and where? These are just details. The big question has always been “are you willing to do this?’ And it’s pretty apparent that Brock Lesnar is.”


Original Story: Newsweek

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