Holloway Calls Mayweather’s MMA Move a PR Stunt

One of the big topics in MMA now is if retired boxing icon Floyd Mayweather will actually make a jump to MMA — especially if it means facing Conor McGregor in an MMA-ruled rematch of their 2017 Money Fight.

Mayweather has recently stated he would eventually apply for an MMA license. But as reported by MMA Fighting, not everybody is buying Mayweather’s move to the MMA cage, and that includes UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway.

“In boxing, he’s [the] greatest,” Holloway said recently on The MMA Hour. “There’s no hate towards him. He finished smart, he made a lot of money, he changed the sport in a lot of ways, and he got there using his brains and being smart …and not being humiliated. You guys really believe this guy is going to take an MMA fight, at however old he is right now, against a young guy that’s tough who people consider one of the best in the sport? It just blows my mind, man.

If people believe that kind of stuff, it’s wild. I really don’t know what to say.

Despite never competing in a competition that involves kicking and grappling, Mayweather has stated his skills in both aren’t the worst and he’s looking on improving them. In fact, UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley has championed the idea of helping to train Mayweather for his move to MMA.

Holloway added that while he respects Woodley, he feels the welterweight king is just doing this to get people to talk about him.

He’s a great dude, but I swear he talks about everything. Whatever you can talk about, he talks about it. That guy is always on TMZ or something, so he wants to be talked about all of the time, that’s it. Woodley, you are the man, brother, but I think it’s a PR stunt.

Original Story: MMA Fighting

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