Holloway Tired of Aldo “Running From Him”

There is perhaps no fighter in the UFC more deserving of a title shot than featherweight Max Holloway. The Hawaiian striker is on a nine-fight winning streak, but has yet to fight for the title due to the muddled picture atop the division. While other fighters complain, however, Holloway just keeps winning.

One name that Holloway has been calling out has been interim featherweight champion and former division ruler Jose Aldo. But Aldo, hellbent on a rematch with undisputed champ Conor McGregor that he’s unlikely to get, has said he may never fight for the UFC again. To Holloway, Aldo’s avoidance of a fight with him is not the sign of a champion.

"After this fight everything to my agenda is let me know if Aldo found that f**king vaccine for that f**king pussy-itis he got," Holloway said on Toe-to-Toe with RJ Clifford. "That motherf**ker been running. So tell him he can’t run for much longer. Tell him a Hawaiian is coming and I’m creeping. Tell him to be ready."

Holloway (16-3) fights former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis at UFC 206, in a fight that will likely decide the next challenger for a featherweight title, whether it is the one Aldo holds or the one that McGregor continues to hold up. If Holloway could pick his opponent, he would fight McGregor — the last man to defeat him — but he doubts the Irishman will return to the 145 lb. division.

"The obvious thing is I would love to fight Conor McGregor. We’ve got some history there and he won and people saying he didn’t knock me out because of an injury he had. I was injured in the fight too so let’s test that theory, I want to test that theory. But being realistic, there’s a guy with an interim title inside our division. That’d be f**kin’ wild if the UFC let me pass the interim title to fight for the real belt. I’m just being realistic, that’s why I’m saying Aldo. And Conor’s gonna be gone for a while too. They said he might not be fighting for a while."

In a sport where a new fighter is bemoaning their lack of a title shot seemingly every day, Holloway’s approach is refreshing. He believes he is the best 145 lb. fighter in the world, and he’ll get to the belt when it comes around. Until then, he’ll just win.

"I have no control over it so why cry over spilled milk? You spill milk, are you gonna try and mop it up and squeeze the mop back into the carton? No, you mop that s**t up and you move on. I’m not gonna cry about something I have no control over. It is what it is. I’m gonna keep showing the world what I deserve…and they can’t be denying me for much longer. All I have to do is keeping on focusing on what Max Holloway does and that’s winning and winning fashionably.

"I ain’t making no excuses. Everybody is like, ‘oh you deserve a title shot, you should wait.’ If you’re waiting then you don’t believe you’re the best guy in the world. I believe I’m the best guy in the world. Pettis has a lot of value to his name. He’s a former champion. Motherf**ker’s on a Wheaties box so that’s pretty big. He has a huge name and I look forward to the challenge."

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