Hollywood Fight Nights: Omar Trinidad Vs. Adan Ochoa Full Card Results

On April 14th, 2023, Hollywood Fight Night Boxing’s main event featured the featherweight clash between Omar Trinidad and Adan Ochoa.

Out of his 12 fights, Trinidad boasted 11 victories and 1 draw, while Ochoa’s record stood at 12 wins and 2 defeats.

The card also showcased multiple emerging talents such as Umar Dzambekov facing off against Nathan Sharp, and Osvaldo Lopez going head-to-head with Jose Gomez.

Additionally, Anderson Silva’s son, Gabriel Silva, featured in a middleweight clash against Angelo Thompson in his pro-boxing debut.

And to top things off, junior middleweight Callum Walsh (5-0), European Gold Medalist, announced his return to the ring for June 9th, 2023, against Carson Jones.

With that being said, here is how the card played out.

Trinidad Vs. Ochoa

In the initial round, Trinidad started to unleash his punches, delivering double and triple-punch combinations. Meanwhile, Ochoa attempted to retaliate with counters.

During the mid rounds, Trinidad targeted Ochoa’s body with a combination of right-hand and left hooks. In the sixth, Trinidad pummeled Ochoa, causing a significant decrease in the latter’s output.

Ochoa was limited to delivering single punches and appeared increasingly defensive as the fight progressed.

In contrast, Trinidad’s intensity in throwing punches escalated, especially in the 7th round, relentlessly pushing Ochoa into a defensive stance.

Aiming for a knockdown, Trinidad aggressively pursued his opponent in the concluding round. Despite the pressure, Ochoa managed to withstand the onslaught until the final bell.

Omar Trinidad def. Adan Ochoa via a unanimous decision: 78-74, 80-72, 80-72

Silva Vs. Thompson 

The pressure was on Silva to follow in the footsteps of his father, who is arguably one of the greatest combat fighters of all time.

But rather than buckle under the pressure, Gabriel Silva looked at home during this four-round middleweight clash.

The height advantage of Silva resulted in more significant blows, yet Thompson, the southpaw, managed to land a series of punches.

In the third round, Thompson lost a point for holding and striking during a break, as Gabriel Silva won on the scorecards.

As the fight concluded, Anderson Silva celebrated the victory as it had been his birthday on fight night too.

Gabriel Silva def. Angelo Thompson (Middleweight) in a unanimous decision: 38-37, 39-36, 39-36

Cain Sandoval def. Jose Angulo (Super Lightweight) via a fifth-round KO at 2:34

Umar Dzambekov def. Nathan Davis Sharp (Light Heavyweight) via a third-round KO at 2:34

Osvaldo Lopez vs Jose Manuel Gomez (Welterweight) ended in a majority draw: 56-58, 58-56, 57-57

Gloria Munguilla def. Nikkia Williams (Flyweight) in a unanimous decision: 38-38, 40-36, 39-37

Monray Marable def. Steven von Euw (Super Welterweight) via a first-round KO at 2:04

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