Hopkins: You Can Buy GGG Tickets With EBT Card

Golden Boy executive and former world champion Bernard Hopkins, is not impressed with Gennady Golovkin’s return to the ring on May 5th against  Vanes Martirosyan.

In a new interview, Hopkins decided to spill the tea on the middleweight matchup, claiming Golovkin is taking “no risk” in fighting the Los Angeles born opponent.

You’re saying that there’s a chance that GGG can lose Saturday?! Honestly?…” Hopkins asked the interviewer late this week. 

“Listen, I’ll tell you what. What’s the over and under in this fight?…[Golovkin is a] 33:1 favorite! [Blank stare].


When questioned about the issues surrounding Canelo Alvarez and the potential of a rematch with Golovkin in September, Hopkins claimed controversy creates Cash.

“At the end of the day, one thing about boxing, negative becomes marketable,” per the former champion.

Hopkins also questioned the drawing power of Golovkin, telling Fight Hub that Golovkin needs a dance partner to sell tickets.

Listen, we know who the cash cow is. We know who the guy to bring the numbers in. GGG need a dance partner, they giving tickets away! You know they cut, slash the prices down. I think you can get a ticket with a EBT card. No disrespect to welfare, I grew up on it.”


Story Via: Bad Left Hook


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