Horn Talks Being Champion & Underdog

During Wednesday’s public workout, WBO welterweight champion, Jeff Horn, was openly wondering why he was such an underdog for his title fight on June 9th.

The MGM Grand’s Sportsbook has Crawford at a 9-1 favorite, in a challenge for Horn’s title.

“Look, I’m surprised I’m as big of an underdog as I am for the fight,” Horn said during a press conference Thursday at MGM Grand. “I’m not surprised that I am the underdog. Terence is a great fighter.”

Horn thought the fight that won him the title, a 2017 decision win over Manny Pacquiao, would have given him a little more credence by bettors against Crawford.

“I think the last time I looked I was about [a] 6-1 or 7-1 [underdog],” Horn said before the press conference began. “Look, I had it with Pacquiao, I guess. And I thought that I should’ve had a bit [better odds against Pacquiao], but I was completely unknown then. It is a surprise now that what I’ve done with Pacquiao that I’m still that far off.

“But it’s how highly people rank and look at Crawford. So he’s pound-for-pound for a reason and people don’t think I’m that good, so they think that he’s gonna win the fight. But I love surprises and I love giving ‘em.”

Original Story: Boxing Scene

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