Horn Willing To Budge To Get Tszyu

Jeff Horn is focused on finalizing a fight with unbeaten Tim Tszyu, and is willing to back down on one of his sticking points to make it happen.

With the two sides agreeing on an April 18th fight on Australian soil and the former WBO welterweight champion getting the lion’s share of a 60-40 split, there are two things standing in the way of making the fight official.

The first being a rematch clause with Horn wanting that in his back pocket similar to his series with Michael Zerafa where the former champion lost by stoppage in their initial fight, while Horn gained a decision win in their 2019 rematch. The second is Horn wanting a ten-round fight opposed to Tszyu who wants it to be a 12-round fight.

“If they want to make it a 12-rounder, they will have to pay me more,” Horn said in a piece in the Brisbane Times, as he’s willing to walk away from a rematch clause. “If I was getting offered this type of fight at the stage of the career Tim is in, I’d be jumping at a 70-30 split. Even if it was 80-20, I’d be raring at the bit at trying to get it.

“I was exactly the same with Manny Pacquiao, I didn’t think about what money I was getting for that fight. I just took it. Tim Tszyu is going off his dad’s name as well. Certainly, I wouldn’t be asking for a lot more if he was in his position without his family history.

“People are excited about it,” Horn continued.

“The majority of people expect me to lose, as normal. On social media, I read everywhere that they’re going for Tim, that I’m past it and that I’ll lose the fight. Hopefully I can prove them wrong once again. That’s what I’ve continually got to keep doing. I think I’ve got too much experience at this stage, it’s definitely early on in his career.”

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