Horn’s Trainer Compares Style To Marciano

Glenn Rushton has rejected the notion that Jeff Horn has had it easier than Terence Crawford in their careers.

The trainer for the WBO welterweight champion crunched the numbers, and claimed that, Crawford’s rivals had 175 wins and 178 losses – compared to Horn’s opponents record of 411 wins and just 101 losses.

Rushton also was quick to note that 12 of Horn’s opponents were ranked  top 15 in the world.

“(Horn) doesn’t just have to rely on will. He’s a very, very competent, skilful boxer,” Rushton said.

“Yes, his style may not be the silky-smooth style we see from the very classy Terence Crawford, but Rocky Marciano wasn’t that silky and smooth either, and look at his record.”

“He was very effective, he had a great chin and he could hit like a mule. So can Jeff Horn.”

Original Story: Boxing Scene

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