How Far Has Charles Conwell Come Following Patrick Day’s Death?

Charles Conwell, 24, is one of the best knock-out artists in the industry, but no one could have predicted that his vicious haymakers will be deadly enough to lead to an opponent’s death. In October 2019, Patrick Day reaffirmed it.

As Day began to wobble in the latter rounds of a ten-round bout against Conwell, he decided to go all out in the final round. However, Conwell continued his dominance and was on the look to win the fight without letting judges decide the outcome on points.

Conwell, who was 22 then, was winning the fight on scorecards but his boxing instincts urged him to give the fans a show.

While dodging Day’s lazy shots, he managed to unload a barrage of hooks and jabs to send Day down to the canvas in the 10th round.

The crowd cheered for Conwell, but Conwell did not spend a lot of time in celebration after he saw how Day laid in one corner of the ring, without making any movement.

Doctors rushed inside the ring to Day’s aid and he was abruptly moved to a nearby hospital.

Later, Day succumbed to the brain trauma that he suffered during the fight. This left Conwell shocked and almost scared of the sport.

When his girlfriend was unpacking his stuff days later, Conwell was scared to see the gloves and trunks that he wore in the fight against Patrick Day.

After being in a dark place for months, he mustered the courage to face his demons and resume the sport he has been in love with forever. In February 2020, he beat Ramses Agaton.

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