How Much Is Floyd Mayweather Worth On Cameo?

Whether in the ring or outside of it, Floyd Mayweather has always found a way to make money. The multi-divisional champion has been retired for a few years but is still as popular as ever. Now, for a hefty price, you can get a shoutout from him.

Mayweather (50-0) recently joined Cameo, a company that allows fans to request personalized messages from celebrities. By paying a fee, celebrities will send birthday wishes, provide a pep talk, or do anything else to entertain. It takes up to seven days for the athlete to complete the request. Mike Tyson is on Cameo for $500, Chris Eubank Jr. is on it charging $125 while Sugar Ray Leonard is worth $300. Mayweather, always the competitor, is charging $999 for Cameo videos.

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