How Three-Minute Rounds Can Help Promote Women’s Boxing

Female boxers, especially champion Clarissa Shields, have been asking the promotional brands and event organisers for a long time to extend the duration of each round and bring women’s boxing equivalent to men’s in every aspect.

And they have a good reason for this demand. Not only female boxers can last 12 rounds, but they can also make more money with each round of three minutes.

The bigger the fight duration, the more time they have to execute great knockouts or finish off the fight in style. With the likes of Top Rank boss Bob Arum in favor of having three-minute rounds for women’s boxing, it seems like the time extension is just around the corner.

“If I could get three-minute rounds, I would sign a number of women,” Arum said.

In an interview in February, Clarissa Shields did not hold back when asked about the round duration. The Olympic gold medalist said: “I wish more people would realize that we did not put those rules in place — the men did. So the men need to change those rules to where every world champion boxer for women can fight three-minute, 12 rounds.”

It’s not that three-minute rounds have never existed in women’s boxing, but it was a bit unusual.

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