How you can bash the bookies on UFC 267: know the markets

The Ultimate Fighting Championship brings followers of professional mixed martial arts a thrilling evening of action with two title fights on the card, serving as co-main events. The Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi, UAE provides the backdrop for this greatly anticipated UFC 267 card that has gripped fans since it’s the announcement. On 30 October the arena lights will fade and the spotlight focuses on the octagon. What follows will be a memorable evening of action and another thriller from the Ultimate Fight Championship promotion.

There’s a buzz of excitement in the air as the industry prepares for another special night and major bookmakers, as they so often do with UFC cards, have thrown their hat into the ring. The leading betting apps offer odds on the winner of the top fights from the program as well as several intriguing undercard bouts. Online gamblers can back their predictions and select the fight winner or play one of the specials. There’s even the opportunity to bet in-play, gambling even after the bout has begun.

There’s no sure-fire winner

The top sportsbooks allow registered members to bet on UFC using their home computer while watching the fights live on television or from anywhere thanks to a modern and user-friendly smartphone betting app. Watch and gamble on the fights when out and about, at the sports bar, on a break from work, even when out shopping. You won’t miss a single punch, kick or brutal takedown. 

Which UFC fight betting markets are the best to wager on to increase your chances of beating the bookies and making a profit from the card? What’s the easiest way to bet on MMA to guarantee a profit on your bets? It pays to do your research and find out the answers to these questions and other queries relating to betting on UFC on your desktop or Android/iOS device.

Before getting started, it’s important to mention that there is no guaranteed way to beat the bookies and make a profit. Not on UFC and not on any other sports. As any experienced gambler will confess, there’s no sure-fire way to win, no proven strategy to beat the bookies, and no type of bet that will automatically make you rich. There are things you can do to improve your chances of making a profit from betting on UFC. This article explains the best way to bet on the upcoming fight card and target a winner at decent odds.

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Browse the markets

The most popular betting market on UFC is the fight-winner market. It’s also the most simple and easiest to win and you have a one in two chance of making the correct prediction. When betting on the fight winner market all you are doing is predicting which of the two fighters involved in about will be declared the winner at the end of the contest. 

It doesn’t matter how they win, in what round they win, or even if they get rid of their opponent within 60 seconds. There’s nothing fancy here. All you’re after is the winner. If you back Fighter A to win and they do, your bet is paid out at the odds quoted. If Fighter B wins you lose your bet and the stake is kept by the bookie.

This style of betting is perfect if you are building experience, trying to collect a profit while enjoying the show, and without posing too much of a risk to your stake. You can also create an accumulator, adding a few fight-winner bets together and targeting big returns for small stakes. This is a value-for-money bet as you could enjoy an entire evening of betting for one stake.

If you are looking for a bigger price, you may find joy in the fight-winner market. Here you are tasked with predicting which fighter will win and how they’ll secure the victory. That could be Fighter A to win by submission, knockout, or on points. You choose one of the three options and make your wager. The odds are bigger on these bets as there’s more of a risk than the fight-winner option. Do enough research into about, and you’ll often stumble across hints and clues as to how the bout will play out.

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