Huck No Match for Briedis

Mairis Briedis footwork and punching proved to be too much for Marco Huck. Briedis defeated Huck via unanimous decision to win the WBC and IBO cruiserweight titles on Saturday night, April 1.

As a result of the win, Briedis not only pushed his undefeated record to 21-0, but he also is now the first Latvian boxing champion.

Huck looked fine in the first, proving for a very close opening round. Going into the second, however, things changed. While Huck is known for his power, it was very clear that Briedis was doing more of the firing. At one point, he even got Huck against the ropes.

Going into the third, Huck was warned multiple times by the referee for elbows going into Briedis’ face. This continued in the third, and it seemed Huck was doing a lot more of clinching up and hitting the back of Briedis’ head with shots than Huck. Briedis, meanwhile, continued to fire away. Some in the boxing community had it 2-1, others 3-0; either way, Briedis was clearly in the lead.

Briedis landed a strong right hand on Huck to open the fourth round. This round got really scrappy, and while Huck was doing a lot more defensive work, he swung away wildly at Briedis to end the fourth. Unfortunately for him, none of his wild punches seemed to have much contact. Huck tried to break through again in the fifth, but Briedis continued to bring the firepower.

The referee’s warnings to Huck continued into the sixth round, as Briedis continued to land hard shots and combinations. Briedis’ domination continued into the seventh, and at that point it just seemed Huck had nothing more left.

Huck tried to get himself back into the fight in the eighth round, but in the last 30 seconds, Briedis fired away with more heavy shots that got Huck stumbling. It was clear, once again; Huck needed a knockout to win this fight. The ninth round, while a better performance from Huck, was pretty much a repeat of the eighth — with Briedis firing away repeatedly in the closing seconds.

The 10th round saw Huck constantly clutch throughout the whole round, doing little to help his case for a win. The final two rounds came and went, with Huck unable to get a knockout.

All three judges ruled the bout in Briedis’ favor with scores of 116-111, 117-110, and 118-109.

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