Hurd Doesn’t Think Lara Deserves A Rematch

Jarrett Hurd is looking towards the future, and in a recent interview with ESPN believes that since he’s already beat Lara that its a dead issue.

Hurd believes that he’s focused on facing Kell Brook and looking to unify the light middleweight division.

“I don’t want a rematch. I don’t know how long I can hold the weight class,” Hurd told ESPN.

“I’m trying to become undisputed champ and I feel like I just beat you so that’s going backwards. … What we want is a fight with Kell Brook because we want a durable opponent, somebody who will be competitive and a fight with Kell Brook would be really competitive.”

If Hurd wants to keep his WBA belt and unify the division, he may have to square off with Lara again, as the governing body ordered the rematch last month.


Original Story: ESPN

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