‘I Take All The Blame’: Coach Jim West Apologizes For Controversial Cornering

On Saturday, October 16, Coach Jim West’s fighter and girlfriend, Aspen Ladd, headlined UFC Vegas 40.

Ladd lost via unanimous decision to Norma Dumont and West’s coaching tactics in between rounds were criticized by fans. Many fans and fighters said that it was a really bad act from the coach, including one of the commentators and former middleweight champion, Michael Bisping.

After criticisms hit social media, West took to Instagram and issued a statement.


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A post shared by Jim West (@jim_west_gold)

“Tonight was not our night. It’s been our night many many times at the highest level but not tonight. I blame myself. Though it may not be my fault. it’s not up for debate. I take all the blame. Yes after the first couple rounds I may have been a little harsh but i know aspen and at that time technical conversation was not in the cards being down 3 rounds. Nonetheless i own it and i am sorry @aspenladd from the bottom of my heart I will continue to be better each time @mmajunkiedotcom @theschmozone @arielhelwani”

Commentator and former UFC champion Daniel Cormier, however, thought it was casual and there is nothing unacceptable.

“You’re down 3 to 0 you gotta pick it up,” West told Ladd in the corner.

Ladd took Saturday’s fight on short notice, but still opened as the favorite. Her loss to Dumont marked her second in the UFC and overall professional MMA career.

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