Ian Garry On How McGregor Affected His Career

In a recent interview, undefeated UFC welterweight Ian Machado Garry spoke about his inspiration for entering the sport, citing Conor McGregor as a major influence.

Garry claimed to be the first of a new generation of fighters who have been inspired by McGregor’s success in the sport.

Garry described McGregor as a “game-changer” who brought a new level of attention and excitement to MMA. He stated that McGregor’s confidence and charisma were particularly inspiring to him and that he saw them as qualities to emulate in his own fighting style.

Garry also talked about how much McGregor has motivated him and what it means for him to fight in front of Conor.

“A hundred percent,” Garry answered. “I mean, he’s the guy who inspired my entire nation to want to fight and train MMA. The scenes when Conor was on the rise were nuts. And I’m that kid who was the first of a generation to make it into the UFC because of his run.

And for me, to have that and move forward, and to see him and go into a fight week knowing that he’s saying that he’s gonna be there, that he’s behind me, that he’s with me. It’s pretty empowering for a young man who’s hearing that from the guy who inspired him.”

Garry most recently fought, and finished, Kenan Song at UFC 285. He expressed confidence in his abilities and stated that he is excited to continue pursuing his dreams in the sport.

With his sights set on success in the MMA world, Garry is one to watch as he continues to hone his skills and carve out a path for himself in the sport.

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