IBA Announces Major Moves To Push For Participation In Olympic Games

Boxing has been on the fence of being removed from the next Olympic Games.

The IBA Ordinary Congress 2022 has unanimously declared former President Wu Ching-Kuo persona non grata and announced their motives moving forward to cement their participation at the coming Olympics.

At a meeting in a hybrid format in Abu Dhabi, Professor Richard McLaren presented a thorough report over the past of the International Boxing Association.

He revealed that there were approximately 30% of high-risk competition officials when the vetting began last year, but it has gone down to is less than 5% now.

Moreover, IBA President Umar Kremlev affirmed that the IOC and IBA’s missions are aligned.

“The IOC must hear us. We have the same goals as them, to create the best conditions for the athletes. We should fight for our sport at the Olympic,” he said.

“I want to stress that not a single boxer, coach or National Federation will be participating in the Olympic Games without IBA. This is a request from the boxers.”

The meeting saw IBA Secretary General role be elevated to CEO in a joint capacity, the vice president became the first vice-President, and the members voted on increasing the number of meetings of the Board of Directors to a minimum of six every year.

The meeting also concluded on the note that the National Federations (NF) will now oblige to introduce a regulatory framework that ensures prevention of racism and any form of discrimination.

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