IBA Announces Their Future Plans – Here’s What We Know

The directors of the International Boxing Association (IBA) convened on July 15th, 2023, to highlight their plans for boxing moving forward.

The meeting confirmed that China would host the International Boxing Day and Global Boxing Forum 2023 on August 27th, 2023.

“By selecting China as the host country, we are celebrating the Year of Asia and honoring the region’s passion for boxing.

“I sincerely thank the country for its efforts in the development of boxing and its commitment to enhancing not only elite sport but also sport for all.

“Together with such a strong partner as China we are shaping the future of boxing, and I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead,” Umar Kremlev IBA President said

The other topics on the agenda included setting up potential new structures moving forward. This included future initiatives such as disability boxing.

Not only that, but future avenues included looking at digital ventures such as incorporating the metaverse.

Today marks a pivotal moment for boxing as we chart a strategic course towards an inclusive, global future for the sport. IBA moves forward no matter what.

“We are looking forward to implementing all aspects discussed for the future of boxing and our athletes,” Kremlev 

In addition to this, the IBA has plans for a Champions-League-type competition and a World Boxing Tour, as well as a Global Boxing Cup.

And given that there are so many potential ventures, the IBA’s vision promises much. So the question remaining is can it deliver?

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