IBA Tests New Technology For Boxers

The International Boxing Association (IBA) is trying some new technology for boxing matches.

The IBA has trialed the use of impact-sensing mouthguards at the European Youth Champions where boxers from several national boxing federations participated in.

“IBA has studied developments on sport’s understanding of head impacts and brain health closely. With this new initiative, IBA has become a leader in generating primary research on this very important aspect of athlete welfare,” said Dr Ioannis Filippatos, Chairman of the IBA and EUBC Medical Committees.

The mouthguards will reportedly be used to inform ringside doctors while bouts are happening. When both boxers are wearing the mouthguards, it can have a close correlation with scoring.

The mouthguards are fitted with accelerometers, gyroscopes and transmitters.

“While there is no expectation of replacing judges, new technology can be very helpful in providing a baseline we can compare scores to,” IBA Referees and Judges Committee Chair Mr Chris Roberts added.

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