IBF Changes Title Purse Rules

The IBF has decided to make a change on how purse bids are set up for their title fights heading into 2019.

Per a report from ESPN, the governing body announced that they have tailored their rules so when a fight goes to a bid, the defending champion will earn 65% of the winning bid, which is down ten percent from 75% in 2018.

The new process portions that gap to the challenger who now earns 35% of the final bid, but the IBF maintains the right to change the split percentages of any fight should it be requested and approved by the IBF’s board of directors.

But, if the reigning champion rakes on a mandatory challenger who is ranked third or below in their rankings, the champion will be able to keep up to 85% of the final purse.

Regarding any vacant titles, the rules remain with both fighters getting an even 50% split of the final bid.

Initial Report: ESPN

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