IJF Creates ‘The Great 8’ Contest

How well do you know the eight values of judo? The International Judo Federation is looking to find out, via a new initiative. “The Great 8” will be a way to involve kids to following judo via the most creative methods possible.

The contest requires kids to draw any of the values of judo in a way that correlates with what they believe the values mean to them. While it is for children under 14, parents are allowed to participate.  Here are the values as a refresher:

  • Courtesy: Our true greatness comes from how we treat others
  • Courage: We do what is fair
  • Sincerity: We express ourselves honestly and seek the truth
  • Honor: We are faithful to the principles of our art, and art which has brought so much good to so many
  • Modesty: We are more than ourselves
  • Respect: An appreciation for all of the teachings you have received
  • Self Control: Those who have power over themselves have power over their greatest challenges
  • Friendship: Nobody can achieve success alone

Many of the ways the values feel to the kids will be different, resulting in a number of alternative opportunities. One of the top judges of the competition will be Rafael Silva, Brazil’s first Olympic medalist at heavyweight.

“I am very honoured to receive this invitation,” Silva stated. “These 8 values ​​guide me in my trajectory in judo and the have the possibility to inspire people. To develop these virtues is a real privilege. I wish you to do your best and draw with your heart, just as we judoka do on the tatami. Come on children, put the essence of a judoka on paper, give your best and participate with many drawings. Call your friends to do the same. Big hug!”

You can upload your illustration via the IJF website. Once you are finished you can share via social media using the #great8 hashtag.

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