IJF President Praises IOC’s Decision On The Olympics

Following a few weeks of journeying into the unknown, the IOC officially announced that it has postponed the 2020 Olympics until 2021. Set to take place in Japan, the threat of the coronavirus became bigger than any sporting event going on.

While it is tough for the athletes and those involved in the Olympics to just stop what they are doing, they understand the decision. One person who has praised the IOC’s ruling is Marius Vizer, the President of the International Judo Federation. In a series of tweets, Vizer supported the decision of the IOC and Prime Minister Abe Shinzo.

“In conclusion I want to appreciate very much the wise decision of the IOC together with the Government of Japan, taking in consideration that we all together, the IOC, the World Sport Movement and Governments can not fight against an invisible and unpredictable enemy.

“It is the right occasion for everyone that finally have some certainty and people can plan properly of course according to the development of the situation created by the COVID-19. I wish all International Sport Community best health and safe activities.” 

The judo world was already struggling to adapt to the new normal prior to the announcement by the IOC. The Israeli judo team cancelled their training camp in Japan, while the IJF suspended all events. A number of other sports had to cancel or postpone events, just like the IJF. Vizer wanted to be ahead of everything before it got out of hand.

As far as plans for the future, Vizer wasn’t opposed to qualification events or other ways to spice up the judo world’s style of competing. It would all depend on the situation regarding the coronavirus and the Olympic Committee’s approach on the situation.

Vizer must also deal with the the World Championships potentially getting postponed. It is a likely outcome, but he will be looking into it throughout the next few months.

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